I've got the Fervor!

The Fervor - Xandrie Kovak

January 'Pick It for Me' Challenge Recommendation


Claire Sommers recent DNA test shows she has less than one percent succubus. Despite being mostly human she is required by law to attend Supernaturnal night classes, along with the vampires, weres, and other supes. Claire is scared but the worst thing she can do is smell like prey. She hopes she'll survive the night.


The Fervor engaged my mind from the beginning until the the end! Claire is the dark about what it means to be a succubus along with the reader. She has spunk but clearly wasn't your average martial arts trained kick butt heroine. Beneath the surface something lurked besides orgy-inducing pheromes that possibly could be released in force in a phenomenon called "The Fervor." I found her a well-rounded and sympathetic character. The plot is fast-paced with energetic dialogue.


I am glad I read Animus before The Fervor, as it is an origin start that is central to a character in Claire's story. It also provides insight into the Red Crescent pack and introduces character that will feature in Ms. Kovak' Sinful Supes series. There may be a few readers that may have an issue with a certain aspect of a certain character but reading the origin book Animus paved the way. There is some steam in The Fervor And I thought it was handled well. I'm really looking forward to the next Sinful Supe book Beauty & Beast and hope to see more of Claire in the future!