Round Characters, Dark, & Tense

Animus: A Sinful Supes Story - Xandrie Kovak

My reading buddy selected this author as part of the January Pick It for Me challenge. The Fevor is not available in ebook format but after signing up for the author's newsletters I was able to attain a free copy Animus, which is a prequel featuring a character from the book The Fervor.


(About the size of Kovak's werewolves) 

The Story
Lucas Masters seeks vengeance. The Red Crescent wolf pack slaughtered Lucas' family and entire pack leaving Lucas the only surviving member. Infiltrating this brutal pack requires that he hides his wolf and act like an 'omega,' the lowest in hierarchy. Lucas must bide his time, seek alliances, and witness depravities. Lucas will kill his enemies or die trying.

My Thoughts
A lot of dimension was packed into the characters for such a short story (110 pages on Adobe Digital Editions). The action is steady. Lucas and the secondary characters gain layers as the story progresses. As for the setting, I found it vague but not a detractions since the author focused more on the plot and characters. I was invested in Lucas and others as well. Don't let the age of the protagonist fool you. Lucas falls into Young Adult territory but this book is dark. While there is not a rape scene it is in the story, along with other gruesome acts. Luckily, this author didn't shove my face into how gory she could write but placed Lucas in a place for transformation. Hopefully, The Fervor will release in ebook format soon because I want to read it!