Beta than an Alpha or just as good!

Promise the Moon - Hailey Edwards
”Daddy didn’t come home.” One plump hand gripped the bark. “Did you eat him?” “What?” I pushed to my feet. “No. I would never hurt your daddy.” The girl recoiled, disappearing for a moment before her voice drifted to me. “He said the magic wolves eat bad fae.”

[This quote is from the advanced reader’s copy and may have been deleted or altered.]


The Lorimar Pack, exiles from a dysfunctional pack, establishes a new territory for themselves located near a fissure between realms. Some of the Faery’s citizens are the bogeymen Earthborn Fae children are warned about in bedtime stories. Cord Graeson and Camille Ellis, the alphas of the pack, volunteer their pack to patrol the fissure but Earthen Conclave business temporarily takes the alphas away leaving Lorimar Pack’s Beta Dell Preston in charge.


Dell survived her previous pack by acting opposite to her nature. Establishing her dominance and engendering the respect amongst the warg pack is a step toward leaving personal ghosts in the past. There’s also a broken heart with which to contend.


Establishing a new structure, training recruits for patrol and managing a flirtatious witch seem all in a day’s work. Riiiiight. Kidnappings and strange happenings disrupt their progress. Interspecies politics and relationships are at risk. Dell is feeling the pressure and things are about to get worse.


“Promise the Moon,” a Gemini spin-off, lives up to its promise with snappy dialogue, a tangled plot, and an engaging heroine with droll humor. The mystery and heroine affectively unravel from beginning to end. Dell’s snarky voice may be excessive at times but the mystery sucks the reader back into the story. The romantic elements link to Dell’s complicated past (to which there is possibility for another mystery) and to her duality. This heroine has choices. What is easy for the warg is not easy for the woman!


Dell proves to be worthy of her own series. She’s a nice blend of strong, tender, stubborn, and brave. The ending of “Promise the Moon” will leave you anxious for “Wolf at the Door,” book 2 in the Lorimar Pack series!


This digital ARC is courtesy of CrushStar Multimedia LLC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.