A Polished YA Fantasy

Elfhame (Skeleton Key) - Anthea Sharp, Skeleton Key

4 solid stars


A YA fantasy stand-alone perfect for middle school to Adult. A young Fae prince has felt the weight of a prophecy since childhood. He must we'd a mortal from the human realm in order to save his world. A young mortal woman dreams of adventure but never dreamed of anything so perilous as crossing realms to the legendary dark elve world.

The heroine is brave. She displays maturity in her decision-making. She's reserved in her emotions and doesn't fall instantly in love with man. His world and people are 'alien' to her.

The romance is very light. There's moments of peril, violence during fights but not graphic, and no sex (not even behind the scenes). There are one or two chaste kisses, so parents concerned this may be a world YA may be at ease.