A Focused Paranormal Romance...AT LAST!!!

Blood Kiss - J.R. Ward



Marissa and Butch are back and still in love. They just have a couple of areas to iron out. It was nice finally seeing Marissa as a woman with dimension. She's honest, demanding, and loving. What was once a boring couple (to me) became a very interesting, especially the use of Butch's police background.


The main couple, Craeg and Paradise, had the romantic and sexy feels that had been missing in so many BDB books. Paradise is different from the heroines in past Ward books. (At least, I think so.) she's not the fierce warrior like Xhex. Paradise uses her wits and training. Most of the angst came from Craeg; mainly his problem with the gylmera, but his class issues are handled very well.


One thing I do wish is that the mystery plot line would have been more substantial. It's initiated; then, it fades to the background for a long while. I wanted to see if Ward would create something new in the BDB world with Butch's skill set.


There are other trainees with potential storylines, such as Peyton and Novo (who reminded me a little of Xhex). These secondary characters were not intrusive in "Blood Kiss." They served their purpose to tantalize.


Conclusion:  I'm drinking the Kool Aid again!