4 Stars - Wolves in SWAT Clothing

Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

With a strong code of ethics, journalist Mackenzie Stone attacks a story like a dog with a bone. Mac’s nose for stories often leads her into dangerous situations, but the public deserves the truth. This time, she catches a scent that may reveal Dallas’ SWAT time isn’t as squeaky-clean as it should be. After seeing the team in action, there’s a sequence of events that doesn’t add up. As Mac digs deeper and gets closer to the team she experiences a conflict of interest. Their smoldering commander makes her feel things she’s never felt with any man. His men seem like good people. When do the people you’re trying to expose become more important than the story?

The last eight years, Gage Dixon has brought in the best men from around the country to be part of his elite team. The Dallas SWAT team has very unique traits in common, one of them being they are all werewolves. Gage is not about to let a hardnosed investigative journalist expose their secrets. He hopes bringing Mackenzie Stone into his compound and showing her there isn’t anything to see or write about will not blow up in his face. His men question whether he’s thinking with the right part of his anatomy, but he can’t deny his attraction to Mackenzie is too intense to be normal. Is she ‘The One’ described in werewolf lore or will she be the one to betray their secret?

Hungry Like the Wolf was a thrilling ride! It combines some of my favorite elements: the paranormal and the action you find in romantic suspense. It doesn’t hurt that the story is littered with passionate and protective alpha men! (Not that I don’t enjoy the well-written beta male, which are few-and-far between in Romancelandia.) The ‘fated-mate’ trope felt a little unnecessary but served a purpose, as in the plausibility of certain characters’ actions.

There was never a dull moment in this story, but maybe a very high-crime rate with very well-armed criminals in Dallas. The baddies kept coming and coming! Ms. Tyler also gave her werewolves unique traits, so when I questions whether a team of all alpha werewolves could work together I had to remind myself that 1) this is fiction and 2) these are Tyler’s werewolves. (So, get out of Mercyverse!)

The steam level was high and I appreciated that sex didn’t litter this novel. I also appreciated that the hero and heroine weren’t declaring their love within three days; they had other strong feelings before building up to their declaration. Hungry Like the Wolf delivered entertainment and served as a sizzling introduction to a promising paranormal-romantic-suspense series! I am looking forward to book 2 in this series, which will feature Xander and possibly an alpha female werewolf. I’m eager to their dynamics!