3.5 stars...Middle Child Loses Her Jan Brady-complex

The Twelve Kingdoms: The Mark of the Tala - Jeffe Kennedy

 The oldest sister is the warrior and the youngest incomparable beauty. Then, there is Princess Andromeda, the middle child. People will not meet her eyes and she feels invisible. Only in the company of horses does Andi feel comfortable. As she rides her horse farther than her father has allowed her she's confronted by a man who sees what no one else does. He'll lead her into another kingdom. She has a destiny to fulfill, the power to lead, and a beauty all her own.

"The Mark of the Tala" was an enjoyable read. The heroine was compelling, and her story seemed as if it would be a romance; yet, the romance wasn't as strong as the world-building and set-up for The Mark of the Tala series.

This book may not been as strong as I'd hope, but I'm interested in the High King's other two daughters' stories, and would recommend this story to those that crave fantasy with elements of romance. Overall, I'd rate "The Mark of the Tala" with 3.5 stars.

ARC compliments of Kensington via Netgalley (extremely late review)