4.25 - 4.5 - Impressive Mystery

Summoning the Night - Jenn Bennett

After reading Kindling the Moon I was ready to dive into Arcadia's next adventure with Lon and Jupe, but I wanted all the books before starting Summoning the Night. It was definitely worth the expense and wait. (Good luck finding Binding the Shadows(book 3)! Amazon has the remaining mass paperbacks at $19. BtS is out-of-print, and Amazon is selling the like it's a precious shovel during the Gold Rush!) Anyway, I have all four books on my keeper shelf - read and unread - and dived into book 2 eager for a great story. I was not disappointed!

Thirty years ago, seven children disappeared and the kidnappings have started again. The pressure is on for Arcadia to find the Snatcher before Halloween, when an unknown ritual will be performed and the children are presumed to perish. Cady's instincts to remain hidden conflict with her attachment to her lover, Lon, and precocious son Jupe.

The mystery kept me guessing. Each string Cady pulled led in another direction. I loved not knowing if Cady would save the children in time or whether Jupe would become a victim. Anything could have happened! It kept me on the edge of my seat! "Weeeeeee," squealed this happy little reader!

It seems urban fantasies can't decide whether to focus on the romantic aspects or the characters; and, subsequently, the actual mystery/suspense aspect become predictable. (i.e. Stacia Kane's The Downside Ghost series, which I love, but the mystery is mere fluff, imo. Plus, the reading about a realistically depicted drug addict can be depressing.)

The characters develop with the plot. They express themselves through their actions and dialogue. Bennett can get overly description with the setting, but this is only my opinion. The Arcadia Bell series is very entertaining! The characters feel like ordinary people (with enhanced gifts) placed in extraordinary situations. Their humanity and moral fiber are tested. Each are reaching out to others within their community to help or hinder. They make mistakes. Cady and company are my new addiction!

Next up: Leashing the Tempest (novella, 2.5)

Grade: A
(A book with a permanent place on my Keeper shelf.)