Shadow Bound - Erin Kellison

The story felt original at the start, but the inclusion of the Fae and other recognizable otherworldly creatures dimmed my excitement. Still, the Shadowman's love story was something special to read; it was bleak and lovely. The heroine is someone who thinks 'outside the box' and I wish the plot would have continued at the H/h's intellectual level rather than ditching their logic for raw meat ion, which arrived too soon for my taste.

The story begins with Talia outwitting the wraiths then briefly introduced to Goth-dressed (or maybe it was Punk) humans in their underground culture aware of the end of days. The Goth return felt too superficial for me to embrace and seemed more a way of window-dressing Talia in some sort of Matrix-chic clothes for cool factor. Tsk tsk. But, hey; I could be wrong, but this wardrobe change didn't feel a good fit, or there wasn't enough Goth story elements for it to be less awkward.

Back to the good - A hero who isn't 'The One' (Matrix reference). This book would make Talia the Neo and the hero is Trinity. Ha! The best parts are at the beginning and within Segue. I would have been perfectly happy remaining in Segue's supernatural and paranormal studies. The action, intellectual prowess were strongest within the institute's setting than later in the story, which became easy to put down and also the point where my interest waned. 

I may or may not continue this series. There is a novella about Shadowman, so perhaps my interest may be rekindled. Shadow Bound is the first in the series. Some series do get better.