A Hero Strong Enough to Be Her Man

When the Marquess Met His Match - Laura Lee Guhrke, Susan Ericksen

Acceptance amongst the Knickerbocker New York ‘aristocracy’ wasn’t attainable for a New Money girl from Cleveland, Ohio. Miss Belinda Hamilton found love instead…or so she thought. She was swept off her feet by the Seventh Earl of Featherstone, settled in England, and fleeced of all her money to pay her husband’s debt. The widowed Countess of Featherstone learned a hard lesson. As a sought after matchmaker, she earns her living while protecting naïve American heiresses from meeting the same fate she did.

Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, is just the type of scoundrel she despises. He is a friend of Belinda’s squandering brother-in-law. She has heard about their exploits. Nicholas, with his dashing good looks and charming ways, is just the type of man who would win a young girl’s heart to later shatter it into a million pieces.

Belinda’s interference in his desperate pursuit for a wealthy wife leads to skirmishes between the two. Eventually, there’s only one option left to Belinda, which is to become Nicholas’s matchmaker. She doesn’t count on learning there is more to him than meets the eye. Nor does she expect him to unintentionally offer glimpses of the vulnerable man he hides. Nicholas makes her feel alive for the first time in many years, but can he prove to Belinda that he is the man she wants and needs?

This may seem like a story about an archetypical wastrel son in need of an heiress, but it’s not! Nicholas’s squandering ways are motivated by factors explained early in the story. Belinda and Nicholas reveal their wounds to the reader and to each other through their fears and actions. That they are perceptive characters is a rewarding characteristic; time is not wasted in the storytelling waiting for them to have revelations. In a way, Nicholas is the poor little rich boy rebelling against his father and Belinda is the lonely widow nursing a broken and bitter heart, but there is more to their characters to keep the reader engaged.

When the Marquess Met His Match brings two vulnerable characters together and they ignite! Laura Lee Guhrke pares them down and puts them into impressive motion for the readers to enjoy. The hero and heroine have chemistry, wit, charm, and pride. The romance, dialogue, setting, and storytelling are what you would expect from a seasoned historical romance writer. Overcoming Fears. Earning Respect. Giving One’s Love. The characters have to work for it! When the Marquess Met His Match shows when love encourages one to be a better person. It is the first book (and a winner!) in the American Heiress in London series.

ARC courtesy of HarperCollins via Edelweiss