Enemy Mine (Enemy, #2.5) - Marcella Burnard Wow! Marcella Burnard put some steam in this little sci-fi romance. Naughty, naughty!

Captain Xiao Zhong has ways of making beautiful Commander Cashel Khaleize talk. They've been attracted to each other since she was assigned to his command a year ago. Xiao discovers encrypted messages leaving his ship and creatively interrogates Cashel.

Cashel is more than she seems. She has been assigned to protect Xiao, and a transmission states an assassin is en route. When Cashel reaches Xiao's home he uses the opportunity to push Cashiel's boundaries, question her purpose, and explore their attraction.

Both characters stay true to their roles. Xiao knows she is something potentially dangerous to his crew, and doesn't make any foolish moves in the name of lust. Cashiel wasn't made into a wimpy vulnerable woman overcome by sexy moves. The two of them together were combustible and still smart.

This is a hot,short,fast-paced story and I liked it...alot! I admit I forgot some of the world-building from the first book (struggles from an empire, defections to what should be the enemy but is not the enemy, and some nasty insect-looking aliens, the violent Chekydran, that get off on their blood) so I was a little confused but it was easy to enjoy the sexual tension/romance between Xiao and Cashel. It's noted there is some light BDSM in this steamy novella. This means there's bondage, spanking, and one moment of naughty foreplay. If you want to give this author this is a good read.

Grade - B+