Wolf Trouble - Paige Tyler

2 - 2.5 stars

I'm in the minority regarding my feelings about this book. If you want to read "Wolf Trouble" please do not let this personal review stop you and please do try it for yourself. For me, this book is riddled with clichés. For a cop Khaki, the heroine, makes TSTL decisions. The overwhelming lust the hero and heroine feel for one another and their physiological responses did not make an engaging story. Then, throw in a stalker ex-boyfriend, incompetent FBI agents, overly-communicative alpha male teammates, and angsty obstacles effortlessly resolved. "Wolf Trouble" left me one cranky reader because 1) I really enjoyed SWAT Team book 1 Hungry Like the Wolf  2) I wanted to DNF this book halfway through reading but thought there might be a tie-in to the next book and 3) I'm still interested in reading the upcoming release In the Company of Wolves, which will be borrowed from the library. 


Rant over. :(