A Heady Sensory Experience

A Wish Upon Jasmine (La Vie en Roses) (Volume 2) - Laura Florand
” He’s that star in the sky that you wish for but you know you can never catch.”

Top Notes

Jasmin ‘Jess’ Bianchi learned from her father how cutthroat the perfume industry could be. During a somber time in her life she attempted to pave the path to her dream but she suffered loss. At one point, Jess experienced a radiant moment of happiness to have it wink out.

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Middle Notes

Fear makes Jess protect her heart. Loss challenges her to reconnect with a reputedly ruthless man who seems so far beyond her reach. Feeling hurt creates a different challenge of overcoming one’s pain to make oneself vulnerable.

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Base Notes

Family, Love, Courage, History, and Cultural Pride… These assets provide the foundations for two perfectly matched people to find the love they’ve always wished for.

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He checked a tiny second. Not too long, he didn’t think. He just had to stop his heart beating, had to put that damn organ back away, buried under some great tree in an ancient forest, where she couldn’t get at it. It hurt, putting it back. The hole for it felt dark and damp.

A child being stuffed into a closet when all the other kids were opening their presents.

Head, heart, and foundation…A Wish for Jasmine book has it all! After reading Once Upon a Rose I immediately dove into Ms. Florand’s Amour de Chocolat series, and while I enjoyed the books they just didn’t have quite the same magic for me as the Rosier family in La Vie en Roses. There’s something special within this series - this family, the heroines, and French setting – that emotionally resonates with me. The entire reading process is a sensual experience.

The writing overflows with texture, flavor, and color. Every aspect is living, breathing, and affective. Grasse, the world’s perfume capital, is a relevant component to Jess and Damien. Its industry, history, and traditions are significant. The setting is powerful!

Ms. Florand’s descriptive way of writing makes me feel transported, as if the perfume shop’s iron key has been pressed into my hand and dusty rows of brown perfume bottles are waiting for me to discover their scents. When Jess leans down to Damien’s neck to breathe his scent I feel as if I'm close enough to take a bite. This book came to life in my hands! And this gushing is coming from a reader who usually dives into fantasy, paranormal, and/or science-fiction romance!

I had thought La Vie en Rose book 2 was slated for Tristan Rosier. Even Tante Colette thought Jess was a good match for Tristan, but I am glad Damien found her first! They counterbalanced one another. She has the softness that Damien needs. Even though he seemed hard there’s something sweet he doesn’t want anyone to see, except it’s essential to him that Jess see his core and distinguish all his ‘notes.’

A few readers may want to know that the steam level is turned way up in A Wish for Jasmine. Damien has a ‘dirty’ side that was mesmerizing as he reveals a touch of sexual dominance. It may be jarring to readers unused to erotic situations. (It’s only one scene; Jess is a willing and very happy participant.)

The Rosier family has won my heart again! Jess made mistakes usually made by romance novel heroes. The reversal was a nice change, although I'm curious how romance readers will react because it sometimes seems as though heroines are held to different standard. I appreciated how Jess’ and Damien’s main conflict was revealed and resolved. Their challenges had me crying a few times, but Tante Colette and the Rosier family were in attendance to lighten the mood without gratuitously appearing. The elder Rosier family members enriched the romance with their stories of courage along with their meddling. The writing was tighter than Once Upon a Rose. Assigned identities in the Rosier family were mentioned more than was required but never enough to impede my desperate need to devour this book.

There's a pressure when reading a book for review. Having purchased book one, loving it, and writing a glowing review was easy. Receiving a personal email from the author stating I won an advanced copy was exciting and a little nerve-wracking. I'm glad to say this contemporary romance exceeded my expectations. I'm eagerly anticipating the next book!

I won this arc from the author in exchange for an honest review. Please note that the quotes above may have changed or been deleted at final release.

And I stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning reading this! (view spoiler)