Grade: C-

Worth The Wait - Jamie Beck

Vivi LeBrun not only lost her brother and mother in a car crash. She lost her father too. His alcoholism adds a new responsibility and burden for young Vivi. She finds shelter within her best friend’s family. The St. James family is wealthy and down-to-earth. They are a loving family, and accept Vivi as one of their own. Yet there is one family member that she has long adored. Vivi is all grown up and ready for more than friendship with David St. James.

A promise is tormenting David. His mother made a dying wish. He fled overseas in his effort to honor it. Now there is a rift in his family. No one understands him anymore, especially Vivi, his staunchest devotee.

The St. James siblings attempt to reconnect during a vacation. Vivi is also invited. Maybe this is her chance to finally get David to see they belong together.

“Worth the Wait” has a good story at its heart. A nice girl with a long-time crush on her best friend’s brother has appealing qualities. A friends-to-lovers romance versus falling- fast romance – well, friends-to-lovers stories are usually highly enjoyable reads for this reader. The narrative is just a bit too heavy. Plus, elements of the plot and characters are reminiscent of a teen holiday romance.

The hero and heroine seem much younger than their age. Vivi, the heroine, is very much like a young girl crushing on a college boy. There is too much time where adoring Vivi and moody David are on unequal ground. Eventually, she develops a backbone. Also, David is a hard hero to embrace. Teen David revealed a very promising hero; he was so sweet and kind. He does improve near the end. Vivi’s road to happiness is very rocky, but she does find David worth the wait.

Grade: C-

ARC courtesy of Montlake via Netgalley